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Recology San Benito County
Recology San Benito County

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About Recology San Benito County

Recology San Benito County is proud to be your garbage and recycling collector in the City of Hollister, City of San Juan Bautista, and the unincorporated area of San Benito County. Our employees look forward to providing your recycling and disposal services. Our staff is committed to quality service, customer satisfaction, and preservation of the environment.

Our comprehensive collection program takes care of your curbside recycling, garbage, yard waste, used motor oil, and used oil filters.

Our name, Recology, reflects our unique success record in driving resource recovery to unparalleled levels through recycling and composting.

Recology is recognized as the industry leader in resource recovery, having established the first and largest curbside yard trimmings and food scraps collection program in the country.


Resource Recovery

Resource recovery is the reclaiming of "garbage" materials for a new use. It includes collecting, sorting, and processing materials that are traditionally viewed as waste and transforming them into the raw inputs used to create new products. Recycling and composting are among the best known resource recovery practices.



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